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It is our mission to provide our participants with up-to-date information and educational resources that will make saving for retirement less intimidating and overall- easier to understand.

If you’d like more information regarding any retirement-related topic not listed here, please contact us.  

Find out why when it comes to saving for retirement it PAYS to start as early as possible : TPC_401k_Start Early_sheet

Step by step instructions to enroll in your retirement plan:   ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS

Social security will likely be an important component of your income stream in retirement.  How does it work?: TPC_401k_Social Security_

Some people opt not to participate in a retirement plan because “they can’t afford to save”.  Contributions might have less of an impact on your paycheck than you think: TPC_401k_5% Effect_sheet 

Small increases here and there make a BIG difference when it comes to your income at retirement.  And you’ll need it:   TPC 401k_Food for Thought_sheet

If your plan offers both the Pre-tax and Roth option for your deferrals, you might be wondering which you should choose.  Here we highlight the similarities and differences between the two and outline factors to consider when making your selection: TPC_401k_Roth VS Pre-Tax_sheet (002)

Enrolling in your retirement plan?  The process is quick and easy.  View this quick 10 minute demonstration so you’ll know what to expect. (In case you’re new to power point, simply click on the movie screen icon in the lower right hand corner to begin playing the presentation.)    Enrollment walk-through