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As a company owner or plan sponsor, you want to  provide employees with the tools they will need to succeed in retirement.  But you’re busy running your business…which is where your attention SHOULD be.

Thinking about establishing a retirement plan?  Maybe the reason you haven’t yet is simply because the process can seem intimidating or time consuming, but we are here to make it quick and easy.  When you partner with isolved, we do the heavy-lifting for you.  From the day you decide to offer a retirement plan, to the day it’s implemented and rolled out, and into the years beyond, we are there to guide and assist you every step of the way.  It’s our promise that we are 100% focused on helping you and your employees build a successful retirement plan-so that you can be 100% focused on the success of your business.

Our 401(k) Clients are Happy-Campers.  Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Tax Savings. Establishing an employee retirement plan can provide significant tax benefits:
    • Employer contributions to retirement plans (and often plan expenses) are generally tax-deductible.
    • Your business may be eligible for a tax credit for establishing a qualified retirement plan.
    • Contributing money to your employees’ retirement accounts could also allow you to maximize your personal deferral amount to your retirement account!
  • Attract and retain valuable employees. Want to obtain (and keep) employees? You will need to be competitive with your benefits package.  Studies show that a clear majority of workers list a retirement plan as one of the key factors they look for in selecting employment.
  • Cost Savings. Many businesses (especially smaller ones) believe establishing a retirement plan will be too expensive. This does not have to be the case.  At isolved 401(k) you can enjoy all the features and luxuries of the “big boys” at virtually the same cost. 
  • Employee assistance/guidance. We aren’t experts on your line of work. So we don’t expect you to be experts on ours. We are here to help your employees make appropriate selections, and to answer any on going questions they may have.  Just send them our way!

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